PES—Qualifying Path

A continuous knowledge update is the foundation of Mampionona Process Simulation. This is also a core component of our future strategy, in order to efficiently reach your, as well as our, targets.

Before 2003:

  • Customized Aspen Plus
  • Customized Physical Properties
  • Migration to Aspen Plus 10
  • Simulation of Electrolyte Processes with Aspen Plus
  • DynaPlus for Aspen Plus Users
  • Polymers Plus
  • Speedup
  • Running Aspen Plus and / or Speedup with Excel
  • Intermediate Physical Properties
  • Advanced Physical Properties
  • Convergence and Optimization
  • Advanced Distillation in Aspen Plus / ModelManager
  • Process Simulation with Aspen Plus / ModelManager
  • Numerical turbulent flow calculation in Research & Practice
  • Excel 5.0 professional application

Since 2003: