PES—Simulation Experience / Simulation Reference

The robust PES-Expertise at Mampionona Process Simulation results mainly from the following project and practice oriented experience of Mr. Mampionona:

  • Rating and optimization of cyclone separators
  • Thermodynamical study of EVA phase behaviour
  • Thermodynamical handling of LDPE media
  • Dynamical study of the behaviour of a LDPE reactor
  • Dynamical simulation of batch reactors
  • Mass and heat balance of a LDPE plant
  • Mass and heat balance of a EPS plant
  • Mass and heat balance of a PVC plant
  • Design and optimization of a phosgene stripper
  • Thermodynamical validation of a PC plant
  • Co-Coaching of a diploma on a simulation of a thin film evaporator
  • Coaching of the thermodynamical validation of an acetic acid plant
  • Sizing of a LDPE reactor cooling system
  • Study of the sizing and optimization of a LDPE reactor cooling system
  • Handling of a pipe crack / pipe rupture in the high pressure side of the LDPE process
  • Dispersion calculation of gas and noise emission
  • Quantification and dispersion of pressure wave in case of ethylene explosion over the LDPE reactor chamber
  • Contribution of numerical and software engineering techniques to the implementation of a simulation program of a LDPE plant blowdown
  • Development of a robust dynamical model and application of numerical techniques for the study of pressure, temperature and mass flow behaviour in a pipe